So good, I wathced it twice: Teatro Komunikado’s DELIRYO #TK15thAnniversay

I don’t know how to give a review without giving out spoilers. Though I the chances for a re-run is quite unsure for me, I’ll still keep my mouth shut.

One of the most exciting things about this play is that no one knows what it’s about. Every time I ask a member, they say the same thing; “Mental illness.” That’s all.

We never overhear them rehearsing, we don’t see them practicing their blocking, we didn’t see a prop lying around int he campus. Everything about this project is a secret until A. the day they released the publicity materials and B. the day of the show.

When I came inside the theater, the set up was simple as hell. So I don’t really know what to expect.

First five minutes and BAM! A lot of “Aaaah!”s can be heard from most of the audience. Little did we know that’s not even the half of it. As the plot thickens and emotions gets hyped, we grip tighter to our seats, rooting for Karlo (protagonist(?)) and his… friends.

I’m not kidding or overreacting when I say this; by the end of the play I literally have said “What the fuck” so many times that the girl beside me must be bothered by it. But she didn’t because she gets me.

deliriyo (2).jpg

I like the first run better than the second. Though they’re both really good, I just think that some of the actors from the first one was better in portraying their characters. Sepcially, Ofelia, Osang, and Agatha.

The second run was good. Specially the tech (first run had problems witht he mic). And I love how the alternates made their own version of the character. So I didn’t feel like I’m watching a replay of the play, same story, different attack of the actors.

deliriyo (6).jpg

One touch I really liked was the lights! I loooooove how they incorporated the lights with the characters. And the cue-ing of the changes are flawless. Paired with the music perfectly shifting as the characters enters and exits the stage, they make the vibe of the entire play a character itself that really helped in telling the story.

Hands down to Karlo and Theresa, amazing actors! The best I’ve seen from TK so far. Sad that they’re alumni, I want to see more of them!

All in all, it was one hell of a show and is really worth the hype! 8.5/10


Teatro Komunikado’s MAZKARA FESTIVAL: Ang ikalabingtatlo sa ikalabinglima

Teatro Komunikado is the premiere theater and production organization of the PUP College of Communication. It’s been their annual tradition to present three plays in one night, to celebrate their anniversary; they call it, Mazkara Festival.

Now, on their 13th year, in line with their preparation for their 15th anniversary, they’re presenting MAZKARA FESTIVAL: Ang ikalabingtatlo sa ikalabinglima. Featuring the plays, Ang Kalupi, The World is an Apple and Lotto Ticket.

Throughout the year, TK has shown not only our college, but the entire university that they really make things that are worth talking about. From events they’ve manned to performances that blew our mind, (I mean who can forget their number in our college orientation? Uh-mazing.) to the horror maze, (a literally) blind date booth and “Gabi ng Monologo” The creative juices behind those experiences, well, how could I put it? They did it again!


Ang Kalupi

The old tale by Benjamin Pascual brought to life. Amazing ensemble and the one who played “Aling Choleng” seems to have been born for the part. Everything here was flawless from the music (which was perfectly timed) to the props, lights, costume. Everything fell perfectly into place. Kudos!

to kuya gelo: it didn’t look like tdr okay. hahahaha


The World is an Apple

A heavy drama by Alberto Florentino. Perfect casting!! All the feels was put into this play and you can really see that the cast were trained really good to be able to play the characters. I can’t say anything else to this because it’s so amazing. Well, I can say one thing tho, I may or may not have shed a tear just before the lights went out. It’s that good.


Lotto Ticket

This comedy by Anton Chekov made me (and the everyone in the theater) laugh out loud! For reals! IRL LOL-ing!! (Hahaha.) The set of actors (because there were three shows and some roles got understudies) I got to watch deserves a standing ovation for their spectacular performance.

I love, love, looooooooove the show and they all deserve the praise and fans they’re are getting and so much more. The show was magnificent and colorful. I know that most of the cast are freshmen and they’re all promising. The organization is absolutely going to higher grounds.

Cheers to Teatro Komunikado! Here’s to more awesome projects from you, guys. 🙂