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“Paper Towns” by John Green book review

“Paper Towns” Book Review

“And I wanted to tell her that the pleasure for me wasn’t planning or doing or leaving; the pleasure was in seeing our strings cross and separate and then come back together.”

– Q (John Green, Paper Towns)

Adventure. Mystery. Friendship. Self-realization.

All in one book. Amazing.

Opening this book is like opening my window. At first, I feel nooooooooooo connection or whatsoever in the characters of the book. However, going to the near end and when I closed the book, I kind of saw myself both in Margo and Quentin.

I’m like Quentin in a way that he is so devoted and loyal to the person he loves, he will do anything for that person. Like, oh, I don’t know, steal his mom’s car in the middle of the night to go to an 11 part revenge to people who sucks adventure or miss his *THIS IS A SPOILER FREE REVIEW I KNOW HOW IT FEELS SO I’M NOT DOING THAT TO YOU* That’s the kind of love that’s profound and life changing that he didn’t change other people’s lives, he changes his own.

I see myself in Margo on how firm she can stand on her beliefs and views in life. I like this side of her that when she made up her mind, that’s that; you either join the ride or get the hell out of the way. Because I’m like that too. I also like mysteries and being a ninja/detective.

As for the story, I really like how John Green built up the disappearance of Margo; a long night of adventures right before the day of. And how he built up on how much Q likes her, flashbacks throughout the entire book. Lastly, how he revealed who Margo is, leading up to the ending; the decision to *THIS IS A SPOILER FREE REVIEW I KNOW HOW IT FEELS SO I’M NOT DOING THAT TO YOU*.

You see, the thing here is you never really know who the real Margo is until you finished the entire thing. It’s so cool that you’re just as clueless as everyone else; even after these flashbacks or after hearing the side of other people. This shows that people can be and really are multi-faceted, no matter how we think we know one person. And that really says something about the people we live with.

A lot of people I know didn’t like the ending, I don’t see why. This just shows that Margo stands in what she believes and she already made up her mind about it. She’s a free spirit, doing whatever she wants. It’s a happy ending, as I see it. And Q, I’m pretty sure he’s happy too, because he got what he wanted (finding what he’s looking for) and he will get what he wants (getting into Duke and going on with his life).

People, NEWS FLASH: Not all happy endings involves people being happy together forever, okay? People being happy, though not together- but happy nonetheless- is also a happy ending.

I really like the way it ended and that last line, oh my. I couldn’t see any other endings; it’s perfect. It makes sense. Okay, maybe it doesn’t make sense with the Q and Margo we see at the beginning but if you see how both of them, and their relationship, changes, you’ll see it’s just the right amount of bittersweet for an ending.


All in all, for me, it’s not ‘profoundly moving’ like SLJ said so in the cover of the edition I read. However, it’s a really good read and that was one hell of a treasure hunt.

4.8/5 🙂


“Parang Kayo, Pero Hindi” and “Buti Pa ang Roma, may Bagong Papa” book review

“At alam ko na binibigyan na kita ng karapatan na saktan ako dahil hinahayaan ko ang sarili kong mahulog sa’yo.” – Kung bakit ako naiyak sa bagong commercial ng McDo (Parang Kayo, Pero Hindi; Noringai)

“Parang Kayp, Pero Hindi”

Title palang, pamatay na.

Nung nakita ko ‘tong librong ‘to feeling ko ang sarap niya basahin. I can already tell e, pabalat palang, you can relate a lot in this book. Because I think we all go through this stage. The “parang kayo pero hindi” stage. You’re both uncertain, the MU level, more than friends but less than lovers.

Ang maganda sa librong ito is that it gave me something that’s more than what it promised me. Andito yung thoughts niya about the pseudo relationship stage, yes. However, there’s more than that. In love, there’s a heck of a lot more. The first love, the one that got away, da moves, being nostalgic, crushes, casual sex and of course, MORE.

Habang binabasa mo ‘yung libro, makikita mo nalang ang sarili mo either tumatawa sa mga banat at hugot niya or nagcri-cringe kasi affected ka. Kasi ikaw ‘yun e. Naka-relate ka. Sapul na sapul sayo ‘yung patama niya.

However, most of the time, makikita mo ang sarili mong absentmindedly na tumutungo sa libro o bigla-bigla nalang ngingiti. Because you know, that somewhere inside you, habang nagbabasa ka, may taong nasa isipan mo. Kahit na alam mong me pagka-fiction ‘yung iba, ay may nararamdaman ka habang binabasa mo ito. Alam mo na may pinanggalingan ang chapter na ito at iyun ay totoo. Kasi, ikaw mismo naexperience o naramdaman mo na ‘yun e.

Isa sa mga bagay na nagustuhan ko about the book is ‘yung pagkakahati-hati niya. ‘Yun bang classified sila. There’s the book and then there’s the chapters and the essays and short stories inside them. They fit each other perfectly. Like, the parts just fell perfectly into their own places.

Hindi lang siya basta-basta essays about love na kalat-kalat and thrown into a book just like that. Mafe-feel mo yung maturity niya as you go nearer and nearer to the last page of the book.

One more thing, maririnig mo talaga ‘yung unique voice ni Noringai. She has her own style of writing. ‘Yun bang kapag nakakita ka ng isang article, kahit walang name, alam mong siya yun. At kahit na napaka-deep ng topic, she finds a way to make it light. I mean, she learned life freaking lessons from Candy Crush!! Oha. Oha.

Lastly, ang librong ito ay hindi lang about sa love, mayroon ‘ding mga life realizations na naisingit and mga bagay tungkol sa dreams and goals mo sa life. Shinare niya ‘yung struggles niya sa buhay, personal issues and the like. You can see her life through the pages; bits and pieces of her childhood and how she got to where she is now and ‘yung mga lessons na napulot niya along the way.

I felt this book is really personal and gawa siya ng isang tunay na tao. Hindi fiction ‘yung author. May flaws at mga pagkakamali, ‘yung strengths niya at sarili niyang quirks. Noreen Capili is really brave not only to write and get emotionally naked on paper but also because she shared it to the entire world. The awesome part there is that she wants to.

So ayun, I recommend this book for people who has loved, been loved, wants to be loved and is currently being loved. Actually I’ll recommend you this book even though you are not in the disgusting business of falling in love, e. This book is a good read and the essay element of it invites you to be more introspective in life.

4.8/5! 🙂


Hindi ko alam kung ano ang mas masakit: ang patuloy na umasa sa isang bagay na hindi mo alam kung mangyayari? O ang sumuko na lang at tanggapin na hindi na talaga ito mangyayari? – It’s a tie (Buti Pa ang Roma, may Bagong Papa; Noringai)

In this book I cried, I found love, became a cranky old man, lost a loved one, became nervous then thankful for my life and most probably felt all the feels a 17 year old like me could handle. Maybe even more.

I read this book, exactly right after I read Noringai’s first one. And I must admit, naka-sakay ako sa LRT nun, pauwi galing school and that first essay, that cynical essay about Christmas, kung saan feeling ko e dedicated sakin, made me laugh out loud. Literally. I even clapped for her while laughing and yes, people stared. But I can’t help it! Ang witty e. That rendition of “Pasko na Sinta ko” is nothing but sheer genius.

Sa librong ito, Noringai invites us deeper into her past life. Mula pagka-bata up to college and after that, covered nito. But this isn’t about her, it’s about the decisions and things she did while she’s at it.

This second book offered me something that is waaaaaaay more than love. Here she talked about life, how precious it is. How she nearly lost hers. About everything she learned, she learned in kakikayan and shoes. Huge lessons in her vacation trip to Saigon and lot, and I’m telling you, a lot more.

You can see Noreen evolve from the first book. She changed a lot, learned new lessons and all that. I am very thankful because she shared her life lessons with us. They say, “Life is a hard teacher for it gives the tests first and the lessons after.” Noreen broke that, she gave us the lessons so when the test comes, we know what to do.

Bookslut#5: The Five People You Meet in Heaven (Mitch Albom)


“Holding anger is a poison…It eats you from inside…We think that by hating someone we hurt them…But hatred is a curved blade…and the harm we do to others…we also do to ourselves.”

– The Five People You Meet in Heaven (Mitch Albom)

“The Sixth Lesson”

I already fell in love with the book even before I got the chance to read it. I judged the book by its cover, I thought it’s inspiring; and I wasn’t wrong. It’s actually my brother’s, and just like what I said, it’s interesting, so I borrowed it. And my curiosity grew even bigger when I found out that the first chapter of the book is entitled ‘The End’

This book made me look at life here, on earth, in the view of a man in heaven. In the perspective of a man who had an unfortunate childhood. It’s sad. Then it made me sad. But it just proves the old cliché, saying that everything happens for a reason. That there are no random events. We all make sacrifices and it’s not something to regret. Forgiveness is the ‘something’ that we need to live freely. And a lost love is still love; life has to end, love doesn’t. And life has a purpose.

I’ve always thought of heaven as a place with grassy lands and beautiful falls, rivers and such, where you see your other dead relatives. A place with angels playing harps and others are offering fruits. It’s always a sunny day and there’s this light, a big shiny light where you can talk to because it’s God. This book changed my view, now it is a place where I make sense of my yesteryear. Now I’m wondering who will be my five people.

By reading this book, I died then when I did, I lived. I lived a life where I made mistakes and regret them. Little did I know that made my life worth it. The mistakes I made are the things that made my life just the way it is. And that I can never ask for ‘another’ life, for a better one.

This is second in the list of my favorite books, behind “Para kay B”. They said that “If you don’t like reading, then you haven’t found the right book.” Check this one out, maybe it’s yours.

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Bookslut#4: Si Amapola sa 65 na Kabanata (Ricky Lee)


“Lahat ng bagay, maski mahirap, matatanggap. Prinoproseso lang.”

– Si Amapola sa 65 na Kabanata (Ricky Lee)

This book is the one that is in the last page of “Para kay B”. The one that says ‘An Excerpt form ASWANG’ When I read that teaser, I was filled with curiosity  I have to find this book, I said to myself. Because I feel that this book is also going to be awesome. And I was right.

Ricky Lee (as a writer), never really fails to make amuse me. The book is again, epic. It is well-thought, whenever I flip a page of a book I never forget to say “Ang galing.” in an amused way. Every chapter is a must-read. And again, just like ‘Para kay B’ the wordplay is very entertaining. The characters are colorful and you will not get tired of them.

As I’m typing this very thing, I am on the 50th chapter of the said novel. And let me tell you this, I’m only on chapter 3 and I am already hooked. I laughed, gasped and once cried in front of this book.

I felt the pain when (SPOILER ALERT) Isaac and Zaldy died; I laughed in each and every argument Lola Sepa and Nanay Angie made; and I gasped with my entire soul (SPOILER ALERT, again) when I found out that Montero is one of Amapola’s alter.

Plus, Lee never forgets to put a lesson or a personality-attacking line in his books; and that’s why I adore his works. It was not fictional, well, except for the ‘mananaggal’ parts. It tackles about what the country is today. It is talking about an extremely serious and big topic in the country the way we would like it. It is true, serious and enjoyable all at the same time.

The map at the inside flap of the book is witty. I like it so much that whenever a location is mentioned in one of the chapters  I immediately flip to the back of the book to see where it was. Whenever I see that map a smile always creeps on my mouth.

Aftermath (I finished the book)

The ending of the book isn’t like in the other books I read; it’s open ended. Just the way I like it. The reader gets to decide what’s the ending. Over-all, IT. IS. COOL. There are no holes, all characters are in the last chapter. I wish it kinda had an epilogue, because i just can’t get enough. It’s like I’m in a “Amapola Brouhaha”.

Unlike Lee’s other book (Para kay B), this one is factual. From the map, the NORANIANS (<— love this one), the death of Bonifacio, anagrams, and the society. Nasabi ko na ba un? The words are majestic, the idea is unique, an unrequited love with Andres Bonifacio?! A gay impersonator turned manananggal?! A cop who’s also a Noranian?! Where do you find these things? It’s awe-worthy.

It is an eye-opener, for us Filipinos. It’s the truth, in word and sentences. A wake up call for the ones who didn’t see the surface but the things behind it. It screams for attention. Be Amapola! Save your own land! Be united, blah, blah.

Read it, you won’t regret it.


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Bookslut#1: Para kay B (Ricky Lee)



“Me qouta ang pagibig. Sa bawat limang umiibig ay isa lang ang magiging maligaya.”

– Para Kay B (Ricky Lee)

‘Para kay B’ is probably one of the best-est book I have read. I really enjoyed it. The idea alone is genius, the quota for love thing. So original. The cover and title is also interesting.

As I’m writing this, I’m halfway on the last chapter of the book. The way Ricky Lee writes is amazing. When you’re reading the book, you won’t feel like you are. Because the technique and wordplay can make you feel like the character’s talking to you; like you’re part of the scene. You can see their faes, what they’re wearing, even the place.

Every chapter is another place, another time. Whenever I open the book is like a journey to a place I’ve never seen before. I am brought to a perspective of a lesbian, a girl in love with her own brother, a kid who’s waiting for a promise, an innocent girl who’s craving to learn what love is and a prostitute. He is a literary wizard!

I can see myself writhing, feeling the love like I am the one in the book. One time my mom caught me smiling like a fool whilst reading the book and thought I was insane. I just answered, “Mama, paglaki ni Irene, papakasalan daw siya ni Jordan.” I feel the hate, the sting, I felt like I was brokenhearted.

Maybe even after I finished the book, I won’t forget the characters. Because they’re not fictional; they are us! The one’s who want to love and to be loved. The people I meet, the people I’m sitting with in my classroom.

I’ll never forget this book, it mirrors each and every person who has a heart. Thus, I recommend you to read the book. It’ll make you smile, hopefully laugh but most important, it can make you feel what love is.

Aftermath (I finished the book)

The last chapter of the book is full of shocking revelations. It’s packed with laughter, ache and a huge slap of realization. It shows you the ugly truth and the unseen beauty of life.

The part where all the characters of the book came out and complained to the writer about their endings is HILARIOUS and AWESOME at the same time. The continuation of all the stories is nothing but sheer epic-ness.

I didn’t regret not listening to my English teacher last Monday to finish the second story; I didn’t regret staying up late in a school night just to see if Sara and Ester would live together. I would like to thank my sister for lending me this book, it is truly a masterpiece.


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