Tonight, I watched a play under the stars.

It was my first time to see a play where the audience are facing each other and the stage is in the middle. I must say, it was a really good first.


A friend of mine, Bianca (Susan in the play), invited me telling me that the story line is good. She’s wrong, because IT’S REALLY FRICKING GOOD.

The play is set in the fictional town of Dinaanan. Lando, male protagonist, went back to visit his dad before going back outside the country to work. In his visit down memory lane, he discovers the devastating things that happened to his town. Two words: storm.surge. Really strong storm surge that made the entire place homeless and jobless.

It also dabbles on the idea of the government’s incompetency to help the victims of the storm; on how they choose to build private resorts thank give them the sea for fishery; on how they never listen to the people’s needs.

It’s a really rich story brought to life with amazing actors. You don’t know how good they played their character until you’ve seen the play. And the shifting of emotions? Ohohohoho, that one scene. THAT ONE SCENE!

Also, keep an eye out for the names, might ring a bell. *winks*


One thing that added to the factor on why the “double-sided” audience is amazing is on how the stage manager made the house their entire stage. And incorporated on how they can make the play interactive.

Here’s an example.


They’re on a boat and someone jumped off board. He went our the right side of the stage and went behind the audience to make it look like that’s what the actors on stage are seeing. To make it more realistic, one girl on stage turned a flashlight on to point it to the man who jumped off board. And as you can see on the photo, a flashlight is indeed, pointed at them. GENIUS.

The entire house was alive! Not a boring second. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, and next thing you know, you’re part of the play.

That’s not the only way they used the space (and audience) very creatively. You just have to see the play to know what I’m talking about. *whispers* TIP: if you want to be somehow part of the play, sit in front.

It’s a really, really good show in so many aspects. Actors, story, set, and everything in between is amazing.

Daluyong brought me both entertainment that touched my heart and awareness the two years after Haiyan, people are still crippled. It made me feel things, while giving me a good time. They did a really good job.

There are still shows on Marach 2-5, 6:30PM!! This will be the last week of the play and it is imperative that you see it. Tickets are available at the door only for 50PhP! I swear if I don’t have classes on those days, I’d watch it again.

FUN FACT: I ditched may last class just to watch this. No regrets.


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