“Paper Towns” by John Green book review

“Paper Towns” Book Review

“And I wanted to tell her that the pleasure for me wasn’t planning or doing or leaving; the pleasure was in seeing our strings cross and separate and then come back together.”

– Q (John Green, Paper Towns)

Adventure. Mystery. Friendship. Self-realization.

All in one book. Amazing.

Opening this book is like opening my window. At first, I feel nooooooooooo connection or whatsoever in the characters of the book. However, going to the near end and when I closed the book, I kind of saw myself both in Margo and Quentin.

I’m like Quentin in a way that he is so devoted and loyal to the person he loves, he will do anything for that person. Like, oh, I don’t know, steal his mom’s car in the middle of the night to go to an 11 part revenge to people who sucks adventure or miss his *THIS IS A SPOILER FREE REVIEW I KNOW HOW IT FEELS SO I’M NOT DOING THAT TO YOU* That’s the kind of love that’s profound and life changing that he didn’t change other people’s lives, he changes his own.

I see myself in Margo on how firm she can stand on her beliefs and views in life. I like this side of her that when she made up her mind, that’s that; you either join the ride or get the hell out of the way. Because I’m like that too. I also like mysteries and being a ninja/detective.

As for the story, I really like how John Green built up the disappearance of Margo; a long night of adventures right before the day of. And how he built up on how much Q likes her, flashbacks throughout the entire book. Lastly, how he revealed who Margo is, leading up to the ending; the decision to *THIS IS A SPOILER FREE REVIEW I KNOW HOW IT FEELS SO I’M NOT DOING THAT TO YOU*.

You see, the thing here is you never really know who the real Margo is until you finished the entire thing. It’s so cool that you’re just as clueless as everyone else; even after these flashbacks or after hearing the side of other people. This shows that people can be and really are multi-faceted, no matter how we think we know one person. And that really says something about the people we live with.

A lot of people I know didn’t like the ending, I don’t see why. This just shows that Margo stands in what she believes and she already made up her mind about it. She’s a free spirit, doing whatever she wants. It’s a happy ending, as I see it. And Q, I’m pretty sure he’s happy too, because he got what he wanted (finding what he’s looking for) and he will get what he wants (getting into Duke and going on with his life).

People, NEWS FLASH: Not all happy endings involves people being happy together forever, okay? People being happy, though not together- but happy nonetheless- is also a happy ending.

I really like the way it ended and that last line, oh my. I couldn’t see any other endings; it’s perfect. It makes sense. Okay, maybe it doesn’t make sense with the Q and Margo we see at the beginning but if you see how both of them, and their relationship, changes, you’ll see it’s just the right amount of bittersweet for an ending.


All in all, for me, it’s not ‘profoundly moving’ like SLJ said so in the cover of the edition I read. However, it’s a really good read and that was one hell of a treasure hunt.

4.8/5 🙂


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