My friend asked me to write an essay for his English class.

Did you know that when we solve math problems the Intraparietal sulcus part of our brain is the one functioning? While when we fall in love it is our frontal cortex who does the work. That’s just one reason why academics and romantic relationships between students cannot be fused with each other.

The principle of academics is simple; that is to learn things that you will use into the job that you want. Together with the things that are extremely stress-inducing and will make you want to quit life. It may look like this is very similar to the principle of love but it’s obvious, they are two different things.

The principle of relationships, especially to students like us, for me, is just to have someone who will be there for you and you will be there for that person too. Of course, that together with the things that are endorphin-inducing that makes you want to be that person 24/7. I think by now, you should have seen the difference between those two.

Let’s keep this simple: No one likes school as much as they want to be in a relationship because of the points given above.

The reasons why these two cannot be with each other should start making an opaque appearance in your common sense by now. However if not, let’s proceed.

How do we cope with school? Cope…. It’s a big word. Let’s try handle. How do we handle school and love?

In school, no matter how much we don’t want to admit it, we’re just doing it to survive. Because our parents want it. Because in looking for jobs, skills is not a requirement; a diploma is. One of the reasons why this is stress-inducing is because we are so stressed out about it. Why? Projects here, homeworks there, requirements everywhere!

We only have one body and too much work. Too much work in 24 hours. 24 hours to bathe, eat, get the eight hour sleep requirement, talk to friends and family, travel- to and from- school and everything in between. We can make adjustments so we can do everything while doing work but at the end of the day, when we were faced with the choice of hang out or homeworks, we’ll choose the one that will not bring us stress.

I don’t really think I need to go over the principle of love because it’s subjective but let’s do a quick run-down.

It’s self-satisfactory. It pumps out oxytocin from our brain to everywhere in our body; a chemical known to make us feel good and perfect and all that. We have assurance that we have enough “stock” for our emotional and social needs. We have someone adoring us, we have that person we adore; and we all know it’s a good picture for everyone.

I’m not demonizing school to you people, I’m just saying what I see and in this angle of school and love, school is…. don’t even get me started. From its principles to the way we react to them, up to all the way on how we deal with these, love and school is definitely a match made in hell that’s surely gonna flunk. Unless it’s a romantic relationship with your studies; which is weird as heck. It’s easy, water is school, we need it but there are things that are better like, workshops or sodas. And love is oil, we don’t understand it that much yet it is fundamental in life. And just like oil and water, both needed in life but can’t just can’t join each other.

What the fuck is up with the ending, right?


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