Experimental Self-photography/Photo Manipulation

Last time I went to SM San Lazaro, I saw a book (in National Bookstore) about taking self-portraits and editing photos and such. If you want to look up for it the writer is Miss Aniela I think.

Moving on! So, I got so inspired by the photos I saw in the book, I thought it would be awesome if I try some of the techniques, I have read. :)) Here you go. But, I have to warn you, these are just experimental. Just want to check out if I could do “this stuff”.


“Bipolar” (2013)

– In this photo, you’ll see “two me’s” in two different moods. I don’t think if you see two moods in here, but that’s not important. Haha. The failure in this photo is the lighting. If you look in my skin tone to the left, it’s more natural (well, for me). And if you look at the skin tone to the right, I’m pale. So next time I do this, I’ll use some spotlights and flashes on cams.


“Identity Crisis” (2013)

– Now, here you see me reading a book and the shadow is a girl. In this photo, I worked with my cousin. And this teaches me how to work in sync. You see, the failure in this photo is we didn’t work that well. Not that we had a fight about something; it’s something else. Look at the shadow, “her” back is straight, mine isn’t. So, next time, I’ll look an eye out for my partner or the people I work with.


“Bitten by a Spider” Draft (2013)

– This photo is my favorite, yet most stressing of them all. I think I don’t have to point out the failure in editing this photo. If you look on my ass (sorry for the word), it’s kinda faded. It’s something to do with my shirt. It’s hard to explain, but let’s just say photoshop isn’t helping with my crisis. But I won’ be taken down defeated so…


“Bitten by a Spider” 2nd Draft (2013)

– I made another one. But if you look closely, you’ll see I have a one-cheeked ass. If ya’ll know what I mean. Haha. And look at the drawer (just below the red paper bag), it isn’t equal. And yea, my background sucks. And the wall painting is fucked up. Nonetheless, the photo is about me i a wall. Next time, I should really look close to the small details in editing.


“Eccentric” (2013)

– I’m just weird-ing out. Played with the levels, exposures and textures in photoshop. Hahaha.


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