Bookslut#4: Si Amapola sa 65 na Kabanata (Ricky Lee)


“Lahat ng bagay, maski mahirap, matatanggap. Prinoproseso lang.”

– Si Amapola sa 65 na Kabanata (Ricky Lee)

This book is the one that is in the last page of “Para kay B”. The one that says ‘An Excerpt form ASWANG’ When I read that teaser, I was filled with curiosity  I have to find this book, I said to myself. Because I feel that this book is also going to be awesome. And I was right.

Ricky Lee (as a writer), never really fails to make amuse me. The book is again, epic. It is well-thought, whenever I flip a page of a book I never forget to say “Ang galing.” in an amused way. Every chapter is a must-read. And again, just like ‘Para kay B’ the wordplay is very entertaining. The characters are colorful and you will not get tired of them.

As I’m typing this very thing, I am on the 50th chapter of the said novel. And let me tell you this, I’m only on chapter 3 and I am already hooked. I laughed, gasped and once cried in front of this book.

I felt the pain when (SPOILER ALERT) Isaac and Zaldy died; I laughed in each and every argument Lola Sepa and Nanay Angie made; and I gasped with my entire soul (SPOILER ALERT, again) when I found out that Montero is one of Amapola’s alter.

Plus, Lee never forgets to put a lesson or a personality-attacking line in his books; and that’s why I adore his works. It was not fictional, well, except for the ‘mananaggal’ parts. It tackles about what the country is today. It is talking about an extremely serious and big topic in the country the way we would like it. It is true, serious and enjoyable all at the same time.

The map at the inside flap of the book is witty. I like it so much that whenever a location is mentioned in one of the chapters  I immediately flip to the back of the book to see where it was. Whenever I see that map a smile always creeps on my mouth.

Aftermath (I finished the book)

The ending of the book isn’t like in the other books I read; it’s open ended. Just the way I like it. The reader gets to decide what’s the ending. Over-all, IT. IS. COOL. There are no holes, all characters are in the last chapter. I wish it kinda had an epilogue, because i just can’t get enough. It’s like I’m in a “Amapola Brouhaha”.

Unlike Lee’s other book (Para kay B), this one is factual. From the map, the NORANIANS (<— love this one), the death of Bonifacio, anagrams, and the society. Nasabi ko na ba un? The words are majestic, the idea is unique, an unrequited love with Andres Bonifacio?! A gay impersonator turned manananggal?! A cop who’s also a Noranian?! Where do you find these things? It’s awe-worthy.

It is an eye-opener, for us Filipinos. It’s the truth, in word and sentences. A wake up call for the ones who didn’t see the surface but the things behind it. It screams for attention. Be Amapola! Save your own land! Be united, blah, blah.

Read it, you won’t regret it.


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