Bookslut#1: Para kay B (Ricky Lee)



“Me qouta ang pagibig. Sa bawat limang umiibig ay isa lang ang magiging maligaya.”

– Para Kay B (Ricky Lee)

‘Para kay B’ is probably one of the best-est book I have read. I really enjoyed it. The idea alone is genius, the quota for love thing. So original. The cover and title is also interesting.

As I’m writing this, I’m halfway on the last chapter of the book. The way Ricky Lee writes is amazing. When you’re reading the book, you won’t feel like you are. Because the technique and wordplay can make you feel like the character’s talking to you; like you’re part of the scene. You can see their faes, what they’re wearing, even the place.

Every chapter is another place, another time. Whenever I open the book is like a journey to a place I’ve never seen before. I am brought to a perspective of a lesbian, a girl in love with her own brother, a kid who’s waiting for a promise, an innocent girl who’s craving to learn what love is and a prostitute. He is a literary wizard!

I can see myself writhing, feeling the love like I am the one in the book. One time my mom caught me smiling like a fool whilst reading the book and thought I was insane. I just answered, “Mama, paglaki ni Irene, papakasalan daw siya ni Jordan.” I feel the hate, the sting, I felt like I was brokenhearted.

Maybe even after I finished the book, I won’t forget the characters. Because they’re not fictional; they are us! The one’s who want to love and to be loved. The people I meet, the people I’m sitting with in my classroom.

I’ll never forget this book, it mirrors each and every person who has a heart. Thus, I recommend you to read the book. It’ll make you smile, hopefully laugh but most important, it can make you feel what love is.

Aftermath (I finished the book)

The last chapter of the book is full of shocking revelations. It’s packed with laughter, ache and a huge slap of realization. It shows you the ugly truth and the unseen beauty of life.

The part where all the characters of the book came out and complained to the writer about their endings is HILARIOUS and AWESOME at the same time. The continuation of all the stories is nothing but sheer epic-ness.

I didn’t regret not listening to my English teacher last Monday to finish the second story; I didn’t regret staying up late in a school night just to see if Sara and Ester would live together. I would like to thank my sister for lending me this book, it is truly a masterpiece.


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