A Green Journey to the Future


Once you entered, this will welcome you.

November 21, 2012 (Thursday)


I woke up for no reason. Weird. Some things happened that I don’t want to remember; things involving rats. Gross. MOVING ON!!

The school organization I was in was invited to a conference by Climate Change Commission. The Greeneration Summit: A National Gathering for Youth Empowerment on Climate Change. It’s a conference that will take place in Manila Hotel, Tent City. I’m soooooo egzooooiiiiiteeeed!

Good thing the people in the barangay hall behind our school are generous enough to let us borrow the vans for transportation. The dress code is casual-formal, I think; time to find my long sleeved shirt.


We left the school in two vans. It’s not a long ride but it’s not that close either. Nevertheless, it’s one heck of a laughtrip. While we’re on our way, we saw the Pasig River. Gosh, it’s far cleaner now than the past few years.

When we arrived, a drum band (<– What I like to call them) welcomed us. It wasn’t a long registration, and their welcome is warm indeed; very flattering.

My press ID and the event's ID.

My press ID and the event’s ID.

Around 8:50AM


The stage.

The screen I'm talking about.

The screen I’m talking about.

When we got in, tables are everywhere and there’s a huge LCD screen in the stage. Tatalon choir helped with the invocation and national anthem. Then, Honorable Maria Cynthia Rose B. Bautista- Commissioner, Climate Change Commission- gave an eye opening welcome message.

By the time she’s halfway on her speech, the snacks came. Hashtag #Yumster!! A healthy sandwich with cheese, lettuce, tomato and tuna, all inside a croissant bread, was served. Sit it next to a coffee and you’re settled.



Honorable Heherson T. Alvares- Commissioner, Climate Change Commission- made a big impact on us with his opening remarks. The speech was amazing, and it is factual. It is not about “what if’s”; it is about what is currently happening here on earth. It is epic and scary at the same time.

Then, they played a video presentation (by Climate Change Commission). It is like taking a glimpse at the future. Explaining what global warming is and the danger climate change can bring.



The masters of ceremonies, interviewing the talk-giver.

The masters of ceremonies are introduced, Ms. Athena Imperial- Ms. Earth, Water (2011) and Mr. Makisig Morales- TV Personality. They thought us a chant that goes like this:

One Earth,

One Nation!

One voice,

One passion!

Greeneration! (3x)

Honorable Naderev M. Saño- Commissioner, Climate Change Commission- talked and made us understand climate change and its impact on the youth. He asked us, “What matters most to you?” That made me think; my answer is my family, of course. However, the thought that they are living in this world, that is slowly, crashing down, I am worried.

Therefore, we have to move; in moving there are two things needed according to him. Idea and commitment. Before his talk was done, he asked us again, “Can you do it?” It’s not just a talk about earth, but a talk for youth empowerment. Build yourself up! Then affect the others.



After a question and answer part for the talk-giver, Honorable Leon G. Flores III- Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, National Youth Commission- came in. He gave a talk about the youth’s role in addressing climate change.

The way he speaks is entertaining; he is a very youthful person. He has done his research, you can tell. He woke us up in what the part of the youth is, involving the climate change issue. He made us see what our amount is and how big we can affect others. You can feel your blood rush through your veins because of excitement. It was inspiring.


Dr. Charlotte Kendra Gotangco- ADMU, Department of Environmental Science and the Manila Observatory- expanded our idea about research and climate change. She lectured us about knowing what is real and not when it comes to books and internet.

She is not looking at us as students, teachers, etc. Hence, she is seeing us as people who are willing to help the world. She is really empowering.



Honorable Herminio B. Caloma Jr. – Secretary, Presidential Communications Operations Office- tackled addressing the climate challenge through responsible social media. His statistics made me say “Woah” Did you know that our country has the highest internet users. I mean 37 million Facebook users here in Philippines!

He is valuing social media because it is one device that can help us in almost everything. He made the southwest monsoon tragedy an example. He said it is a modernized bayanihan; that is how powerful social media is. He also lectured us on how to use the internet as a tool for helping with the climate change issue.

A majestic intermission number by (I-so-forgot-the-name) was made after the talk. One word, epic.



Mr. A.G. Saño form Dolphins Love Freedom lectured about arts and, of course, climate change. He said that art is experimental; there is a creator and an audience. And one small spark can make a big change. Therefore, you are not so small after all.

He thought us how to use art in everyway possible. Expressing yourself, meditation, letting your voice be heard, etc. He introduced us to some artistic people; whose works were extremely magnificent. The paintings and photographs are inspiring. My artistic side was moved.

Before he is done, lunch was served. Hashtag #Delicioso!! We had cream from pumpkin with bread and butter on the side for appetizer, Cordon Bleu for lunch and fruit salad with ube ice cream for dessert. Heaven!




Main dish



While eating, another video presentation was shown to us; it is the advocacies of A.G. Saño. It’s about the Dolphins Love Freedom, the group that paints murals. The murals have dolphins and other endangered species in it.


St. Michael of Laguna brought a heart-warming hand pantomime presentation. There is a message in the hand dance. It says: “Go Help Earth” and “We can if we will” It’s awesome.

Mr. Rodney R. Galicha- the Climate Reality Project of Al Gore- talked about the youth’s involvement at the international arena. He showed us that each country is connected to each other. Especially the youth, through social media.

He presented a video that was made 20 years ago (1992). It is about a group of kids that travelled all the way to U.S.A. just to fight for the nature; to deliver a message the people is destroying the earth. The girl in the video said, “If you can’t fix it the please stop destroying it” The girl stood up not for herself but for her future daughters and maybe her daughter’s daughter. She is aware and she took a stand, she made a move.

His presentation enlightens me. He gave example form all-over the world, on how they are contributing in helping the world. Solar panels, windmills and other nature powered energy sources are used in countries like Vatican, Japan and others.

Closing his talk, he said “There is only one world we will live in; only one world to love, to save. Everything we do to ourselves is doing it in the nature.”

My notebook with the schedule. Taking down things as they happen.

My notebook with the schedule. Taking down things as they happen.


I decided to cut this part because of various reasons. Haha! 😀


A tuna sandwich with fruits is served when Honorable Mary Ann Lucille L. Sering- Vice Chairperson/Secretary, Climate Change Commission- is greeting all the schools and organizations that attended the conference. She talked about the call for youth.



She is one quirky and clever person! You would really listen to her when she is speaking. She is persuading us to help Mother Nature. She is like a girl priest, only funnier. Even though she is over her 20’s she could still talk like 18 or 15. Here are the things she said that I loved the most:

  • 95% of the people that attended the conference are youth. We have to go back in our own schools and make the action. This is the leaders.
  • The ones who are moving and are aware of what is happening are the movers.
  • Researchers are the person who have the ideas and shares it.
  • The ones who make a head start and letting their voices be heard are the initiators.

There are seven stragistic priorities:

  1. Sustainable Energy
  2. Ecological and Environmental Stability
  3. Food Security
  4. Water Sufficiency
  5. Human Security
  6. Knowledge and Capacity Development
  7. Climate Smart Industries and Services
Sustainable Energy

Sustainable Energy

Ecological and Environmental Stability

Ecological and Environmental Stability

Food Security

Food Security

Water Sufficiency

Water Sufficiency

Human Security

Human Security

Knowledge and Capacity Development

Knowledge and Capacity Development

Climate Smart Industries and Services

Climate Smart Industries and Services

Around 4:10PM

Camera flashes, everywhere! My eyes cannot bear it! Do you know why? Honorable Loren B. Legarda- Senator or the Republic of the Philippines- gave the keynote addresses.

I thank God for giving her to us! For her bright mind; because she is the one who pushed for the Climate Change Commission. Since she is just a journalist to her being a senator, she is fighting for the climate issue. I have never seen a person so devoted in saving the earth until now.

People whispered, commented on what she is doing; she did not mind it. Now look, she managed to create a national event just about climate change; an event opening the eyes of the youth for saving mother earth.

For me she is a hero. I idolize her for what she is doing; it is amazing, epic, majestic, genius all the same time. For me, Sen. Loren Legarda is one of God’s masterpieces.



After Sen. Legarda’s speech was the revelation of the Greeneration logo. It was the closing part of the event. Camera flashes here and there, I feel like in a pack of crazy paparazzi. The entire event was wonderful. It showered the people with knowledge and ideas; it was mind refreshing.


The event was one thing I am thankful I attended. It did not only lecture me about the abnormal changing of the climate, I am fueled up to go green and punch the others for them to wake up.

The day was superb. I will not forget it. It is one of my highlights of this year. My day in three words: Climate Change. Conference. Bravo.

Around 7:00PM

After taking 129 shots of the event, people, food, place, etc. we finally decided to kiss the venue goodbye. The girls who are wearing heels are now barefoot, the neckties are untied, my long sleeved shirt is now a tee and our energy levels are low. Still, on our way home, smiles are plastered in our faces.

We did a quick jump at our school before we meet the warm walls of our sweet, sweet home.


Kill me NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOW! I’m so frickin’ dizzy and my body is numb. I cannot feel my sister slapping me. After eating and uploading the pictures, I finally went to bed. My head is spinning around and round and round and round! My mom said it is just over fatigue; she gave me something to drink then I am off to dreamland.

What I'm wearing. (Don't mind the face)

What I’m wearing. (Don’t mind the face)

Aftermath (the day after)

November 22, 2012 (Friday)


Here I am at school, not listening to my teacher. It has been precisely 24 hours since the event and I can still imaging the whole venue. I am still a little dizzy because of lack of sleep. Whatever. Now that I am back on school, it is my mission to share ang put to action whatever it is I learned yesterday. Wish me luck!

Climate change is really something we should put our attention to. We have to care because we are the ones who will be affected of the destruction that are slowly taking place. Like what I have heard from the conference, if we cannot fix it then stop destroying it.

We need to take action, NOW! Because the life of earth is not going to what for us. Go out, be green in everyway possible. Another thing from the conference, if you want to make a difference, then be the difference.


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