Glee 4 Spoilers (Glee S4 airing in September 13)

Glee 4 what's next

Want some spoilers? Here are some excited glee-atches! Don’t read this if you want to gasp a lot and to be surprised for the show. And as for the extremely excited hoes, dig in!

  • Kate Hudson as Rachel Berry’s NYADA Dance instructor. And I hear she won’t be making this easy for Rachel. Will her evilness level up with Sue?
  • Finn will look hotter than ever? Maybe because he’s visiting ARMY BOOT CAMP
  • Sarah Jessica Parker is Kurt’s manager of sorts when he arrives in NYC. NYADA rejected Kurt so a little rest from performing which means……
  • Kurt is into fashion! Him and SJP will team up for Rachel. Kurt said that Rachel needs to lose the doll dresses that’s why they’ll help.

Big questions that is in each and every mind of the gleeks are “WHO’S BACK AND WHO’S OUT? IS THERE A NEW MEMBER OF ND?”

Let’s not fly away from Glee 3 just yet. Even though the season is over, some of the ‘unfinished business’ are left for Glee 4 to handle. One of them is Sue’s baby. Is there really a living creature inside her va-jayjay? LOL And what about the lovebirds Mr. Schuester and Ms. Pillsbury, when are they going to be married? And more importantly, where?

We all know that some of the students in McKinley is going back this new school year. The juniors (that are now seniors), repeaters (LOL guess who) and many more. But one thing, what about the others?Seniors in this glee club Rachel, Finn, Santana and Kurt graduated. Will they be back?

And they include in their numbers some serious fan favorites!! Brittany! Puck! Quinn! MIKE CHANG!

Luckily, creator Ryan Murphy has confirmed that each of the main Glee characters will be back at some point during Season 4. But are they coming for just one episode or more than enough?

However, Santana, Blaine, and Tina’s chances of staying on full-time as series regulars are looking pretty good. And the exchange student from Ireland (Rory), maybe. How about Sam? He came back in McKinley in the middle of the school year. Did you hear about his grades? And one more thing, are the Jessica Sanchez on Glee real? We’ll know soon!

And Glee’s reality show has a new season, The Glee Project 2. Who among the 12 contenders will win the 7 episodes in Glee 4? I hear they’re all good. Ryan is rooting for all of them! Watch the new season in Oxygen (ETC in Philippines).

Enough about the cast, let’s talk about the music. Well, there’s not much to talk about it though. But I’ve heard that Ryan Murphy (Creator of Glee) loves a good Bruno Mars song and some undiscovered gems (bands that don’t record and sell albums). He even quoted “Glee don’t want to be a karaoke show” So are we expecting mash-ups and renditions?So many questions that are soon to be answered. Sleep with one eye open and watch out for Glee 4! I’ll sleep and wake me up when it’s fall!


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