EDSA’s Traffic

“EDSA is our main artery. It can make or break us in terms of pollution, in terms of economy, in terms of our utilization of time. It’s right in the middle of the metropolis so all attention is focused on EDSA. So when EDSA gets choked, you practically choke the whole metropolis. That’s how important it is.”

– Public Works Secretary Rogelio Singson

EDSA (Epifanio Delos Santos Avenue), this place is one hell of a highway. It’s the reason why most of the people in the metropolis gets late in their own business. It’s next to impossible to see EDSA to be cleared, as in, no cars around! Well, except on the holy week where everyone (even the buses), gets off duty.

There are countless reasons why the words “traffic” “in” “EDSA” is now inseparable. Like a human and oxygen; you can’t live without the other.

One, the number of cars in this country has become countless. There’s just too much cars in EDSA every day of the week, even on Sundays.

Two, the usual bad driving habits adds to the tupsy-turvy traffic environment in EDSA. There are accidents here and there and in almost all of the cases the drivers are the ‘suspects’.

Three, the epic failure of outlines of merging traffic/roads make for a clogged intersection and U-Turns. It’s just a mess out there every day.

Four, how about the bus stations at EDSA, like the ones stationed at the corners of Kamuning and Anonas streets, the clump of bus repositories stretching all the way to Cubao and stopping right before Camp Crame? After that stretch, there is another slew of bus stations in Pasay, not far from Ayala Avenue in Makati City.

In short, the buses, whether they are parked at their mother stations or not, are King of the Road at Edsa, accounting for the major breakdown of smooth traffic flow in this No. 1 major artery of the complex, now moribund, road system in Metro Manila.

The one thing that the government thought will fix the daily jam in EDSA is the MRT, the train system. Yes, it’s been there, for nearly a dozen years or so.  But, alas, it’s done nothing to ease the problem. The reason’s simple: Aside from machine, man has also increased in population by leaps and bounds.

The ever popular traffic central of the Philippines, EDSA, when will we find a ‘cure’ for the sickness that the highways is facing. Where is the “matuwid na daan” that PNOY promised us about? This problem is topping the list of what should be renews in the metropolis. The future is close, but we’re still trapped in the past because of the problems that out country brought us.


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