Google Tricks

(Note: This won’t work if you have Google Instant enabled. Turn it off by clicking the ‘black bolt’. After that, click ‘Search Settings’ > ‘Never Show Instant Results’).

1. Go to Google.
2. Search:

Google Gravity (Then Click ‘I’m Feeling Lucky’) – Watch everything fall down.
Askew (Then ‘Enter’) – Tilt your head.
Chuck Norris (Then Click ‘I’m Feeling Lucky’)- To see Norrissology.
ASCII art (Then ‘Enter’) – Leters, letters, letters.
Recursion (Then ‘Enter’)- Say ‘What?’
Mental Plex (Just go to April fools!
Pacman! (Just go to Play Pacman by hitting ‘Enter’

Or try these:

– (You have to be signed in to google) Go to And with your cursor keys, do this: up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, B, A. See who’s visiting your screen!

– (You have to be signed in to google) Set your iGoogle to beach theme. Wait until 3:14 AM (or move your clock forward). And look at the top. What’s that in there?

Lazy Boy
– Tired of typing in the search bar? Try clicking the microphone on the end of the search bar. Then say what your going to search (needs to be clear and loud). And what do you see?

Barrel Roll
– Type (not copy) the phrase, ‘do a barrel roll’ on the search bar then ‘Enter’. See what happens!


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